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We had the privilege of launching our latest program, Beyond ESG: Shaping the Future of Business , led by Professor Filipa Pires de Almeida , with the collaboration of Mafalda Sarmento and Natália Cantarino .

The program took place over two days and, through a series of activities, challenged participants to delve into their organizations' strategies to develop an SDG implementation plan aligned with the ESG framework and CSRD regulation.

Beyond ESG: Shaping the Future of Business featured the special participation of some distinguished guests:

  • Cristina Mira Godinho , from Efacec, who joined us to share the importance of incorporating the SDGs into the company's strategy and the path Efacec took to do so, including the difficulties they encountered along the way and how they overcame them.

  • Mariana Fiadeiro for sharing, in a very clear and informative way, the path that CUF - Hospitals and Clinics followed to carry out a dual materiality assessment, giving us valuable information about this process and tips for navigating its specificities.

  • Guest professors Filipe Santos and Nuno Moreira da Cruz , whose interventions, full of wisdom, were a beacon for participants on how to integrate the intersectionalities of business, sustainability and strategy.

The program concluded with the presentation of the participants' Implementation Plan to a very special jury, composed of João Cotter Salvado , Mariana Ribeiro Ferreira and Tiago Carrilho , who, with excellence and proficiency, shared feedback to help participants further develop their ideas.

Finally, we thank our participants for trusting us to guide them through this process and for their continued participation and involvement. Your involvement was essential for this program and we believe that your commitment is the boost we need to build a more sustainable society!

Looking forward to meeting the next participants!


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